The final Momalom Five for Ten topic is upon us! We’ve talked about Courage, Happiness, Memory, and Lust. Today’s topic: Yes!
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Here’s a little secret: when I first read the whole plan for this round of Five for Ten, I thought about saying no. Not joining in. Not posting and commenting and the whole shebang.

Even though I love Jen and Sarah, the sisters behind Momalom. Even though I love the community of bloggers that comes together when there’s wild posting action afoot.

The thing was, they wanted me to post on topics! Specific topics! On specific days! Don’t they know I’m winging it over here? This is not a well-thought-out blog, with plans and stuff! This is just… conversation!

But of course I got over it. I said yes. Yes to Jen and Sarah, Yes to a week of oh-so-much time spent in the blogosphere with writing-blogging-commenting friends, Yes to writing what Momalom suggested, yes and yes and yes. And (again, of course) I’m so glad I did. You knew I would be.

I’ve read a zillion brilliant posts, added a bunch of new blogs to my reader (because I surely didn’t have enough before!), and have ideas to talk about for the next… well, for a while, anyway. Hooray for yes! Really.

Also? Writing about predetermined topics is actually fun. I forget that in-between times.

So now I’m looking for the next thing to say Yes to. Not just anything, but the next good thing. The next thing that’s just a little bit out of my regular comfort zone, out of the realm of habit. I wonder what it will be…

How about you? Any good YESes lately? Any suggestions for what I should be looking for next?