A blog post, in which I ask you all manner of questions that are eating away at the back of my mind, and you (ever so kindly) attempt to answer them. Because otherwise they will end up crowding everything else out of my brain, and we don’t want that, now, do we? Or…do we?

Owen spotted my razor in the shower the other day. “What’s the point of that?” he asked. “When do you even USE it?”

“I use it when I take a shower,” I said.

“Which is, like, NEVER,” said he.

Um. Actually I shower most days, but not until after all the kids are in bed. They can’t quite believe that the day continues after they’re asleep, thus: it must be the case that I never shower. Dane showers in the morning, when the children are most often already awake, so they do believe he bathes regularly. My personal hygiene standards, however, are apparently suspect.

Which leads us to QUESTION ONE: Should I continue to try to convince Owen et al. that I do, in fact, bathe, or should I let them believe I’m enforcing a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do policy as regards bodily cleanliness? (Okay, this one I don’t super-need advice on. Mostly I just wanted to tell you the story of Owen and the razor.)

Having been reminded repeatedly (most recently via Crunchy Domestic Goddess and Terminal Verbosity and, you know, Consumer Reports) that canned goods are slowly killing us via BPA, I have to ask: do you think I want to buy a crock pot? We’ve never owned one, and I think the only things we currently cook that we could use a crock pot for would be dried beans, and vegetable soup. And it seems silly to me to own a gadget for preparing one kind of staple food and one kind of dinner.

On the other hand, we are vegetarian, and we do eat a heck of a lot of beans. We cycle in and out of making our own, then buying canned, then making our own (right now we’re in canned mode), and one thing that keeps us from cooking them more often is the fact that bean-making commandeers our whole stovetop and our most useful cooking pots.

So, QUESTION(s) TWO: Do you use a crock pot? Would I love one if I had one? And what features should I be looking for? Ceramic-lined? Something else?

While our kids have plenty of bed-space, they don’t have enough floor space or dresser space.

To remedy that situation, would you (QUESTION THREE): switch to a bunk bed with trundle (ie, three twin-sized mattresses) and a large dresser (let’s call that Option A), OR switch to two sets of bunk beds (four twin-sized mattresses) with drawers under the bottom bunks (Option B)? Option A gives more storage, less bed; option B gives the reverse. At the moment, we don’t have space for two bunk beds plus another dresser. Even if that’s what we maybe need. Thoughts? Other suggestions?

You do know you’re awesome, right? I thought so. (And I think so!)